Where to Find Pay Stub Templates For Your New Business

How to Find a Payroll Check Stub Template

In business it is well known that one of the most important elements to running a successful business is paying your employees. Each company that has employees are responsible for tracking the work being performed and subsequently on compensating these employees timely and consistently. As an entrepreneur or business owner, it is your duty to make sure that everything is taken care of when it comes to your payroll operations.

Today we are going to go over a few ways that you can find payroll check stub templates. You can use these templates to independently take care of your own payroll (which will essentially save you and the business money in the long run).

Use search engines

The first (and easiest/quickest) route that you can take when looking for a paystub template is to simply search on the Internet. Search engines such as Google and Bing are amazing resources, which also encompass a plethora of other sources and websites as well. There are a variety of websites and programs (downloadable) that you can utilize and choose at your discretion.

Microsoft Office Accounting templates

If you have an intermediate/expert knowledge of using Microsoft Office programs, then you can simply create your own payroll check stubs. Microsoft Office Accounting is a program that many businesses (independent, small, and medium) utilize on a daily basis. The templates are very easy to use, edit, and even customize to your liking. Microsoft Office programs do cost money, however, the investment in the end will be well worth it if you compare the expenses of doing it on your own to how much you would spend for a third party to do the same exact thing.

Ask small businesses in your area

Being able to go out in your neighborhood and ask for advice from other business owners is pretty common. Although some may be your competition (respectively) when it comes to simple things such as payroll templates, this is not something that would be considered a threat. In addition to asking a business owner that you know, this also fosters a great community environment as well.

Use an Online Service that Provides Paystub Templates

A few online companies that generate paystubs strictly for the purpose of showing proof of income upon employee request, may choose to use an online paystub template provider. Several servicers are available and affordable for this infrequent use.

When Should I Pay Dutch Payroll?

If you or your company has a registered office or workplace in the Netherlands with employed staff, then you have to deduct the correct payroll tax from employee’s salaries. The payroll tax is built from wage tax, employee’s insurance contributions, social security contributions and income-dependent Health Care contributions.

You are obliged to deduct Dutch payroll taxation when;

  • Your company has its office registered within the Netherlands
  • You have a permanent establishment in the Netherlands
  • You post, hire out or second personnel in/to the Netherlands.
  • Your employee works on the Dutch continental shelf.
  • Your employee falls under the national insurance schemes of the Netherlands.

In some situations you are obliged to deduct tax; even if your company has its main registered office within another country.

If you employ staff, then you must do the following;

  • Register as an employer with the tax and customs administration. This will result in receiving a payroll tax number alongside the required forms needed. Your payroll tax number is then used when submitting returns and with the regard to other types of contact with the tax and customs administration offices.
  • Ask your employee to provide you with a written statement including their surname and initials, address and postcode and their place of residence, country and region of residence alongside their date of birth and citizen service number (burgerservicenummer) or tax and social insurance number (also known as a sofinummer).
  • Verify and record each employees identity with the case of foreign workers including the check of whether of not they are allowed to work within the Netherlands.
  • Create a payroll record.
  • Determine the elements of the wage for the employee and then calculate the correct associated taxes and any contributions required by law.
  • File the tax return by the given deadline and pay the calculated taxes. The tax and customs administration office will inform you to the date and how to file the return properly.

Should the employer or the employee fail to comply with the obligations relating to payroll tax or the confirmation of employee identity, then they will have to apply the ‘anonymous person rate’.

Under specific conditions, individuals can set off a VAT payment against a payroll tax declaration. However, in order to do this the dutch form (verzoek loonheffingen verrekening met teruggaaf btw) has to be used.

Should an organisaiton hire temporary staff via an intermediary or subcontract out work to a contractor or subcontractor then the hired persons must pay the payroll tax for these staff members. If the company fails to follow these procedures then the Dutch authorities will hold the employer responsible and, therefore, liable.