Where to Find Pay Stub Templates For Your New Business

How to Find a Payroll Check Stub Template

In business it is well known that one of the most important elements to running a successful business is paying your employees. Each company that has employees are responsible for tracking the work being performed and subsequently on compensating these employees timely and consistently. As an entrepreneur or business owner, it is your duty to make sure that everything is taken care of when it comes to your payroll operations.

Today we are going to go over a few ways that you can find payroll check stub templates. You can use these templates to independently take care of your own payroll (which will essentially save you and the business money in the long run).

Use search engines

The first (and easiest/quickest) route that you can take when looking for a paystub template is to simply search on the Internet. Search engines such as Google and Bing are amazing resources, which also encompass a plethora of other sources and websites as well. There are a variety of websites and programs (downloadable) that you can utilize and choose at your discretion.

Microsoft Office Accounting templates

If you have an intermediate/expert knowledge of using Microsoft Office programs, then you can simply create your own payroll check stubs. Microsoft Office Accounting is a program that many businesses (independent, small, and medium) utilize on a daily basis. The templates are very easy to use, edit, and even customize to your liking. Microsoft Office programs do cost money, however, the investment in the end will be well worth it if you compare the expenses of doing it on your own to how much you would spend for a third party to do the same exact thing.

Ask small businesses in your area

Being able to go out in your neighborhood and ask for advice from other business owners is pretty common. Although some may be your competition (respectively) when it comes to simple things such as payroll templates, this is not something that would be considered a threat. In addition to asking a business owner that you know, this also fosters a great community environment as well.

Use an Online Service that Provides Paystub Templates

A few online companies that generate paystubs strictly for the purpose of showing proof of income upon employee request, may choose to use an online paystub template provider. Several servicers are available and affordable for this infrequent use.

Small Business Payroll – The Pros and Cons of an in-House Payroll Systems

In-House Payroll System Hardware Options

This week begins the first of a three part series on in-house payroll systems. During this series, the hardware components that comprise this type of system, pros and cons of this type of system, and software options will be examined.

An in-house computerized payroll system is located on company property, and equipment may be owned or leased from a vendor. Businesses have more control over this type of system, and can tailor the security system design to meet individual needs. System operation is performed onsite by company employees including programmers, systems analysts, data entry personnel operators, system administrators, etc., providing more control to the business.

Hardware options are determined by the size of a company, requirements, budget constraints, and the need for dedicated computer systems in certain departments.

Hardware Options:

  • Mainframe Computers – largest and most powerful computers, used for the entire company. Each department links to the mainframe, sharing the resources (storage and processing) with other departments. In large companies, a separate mainframe may be dedicated to payroll processing, benefits and human resources functions
  • Minicomputers – smaller and less costly option than mainframe computers. This can be a good option for small to medium sized businesses. Again, departments share the available resources.
  • Microcomputers or personal computers (PCs) – flexible options from many vendors.

Microcomputer Networks Networks connect computers and applications. PCs are able to communicate with each other in a network, and employees can access applications from their computers. PCs share software programs, and have access to printers, modems, etc.

  • Local Area Networks (LANs) – In a LAN, computers are physically connected to each other, data is transmitted at high speed short distances, and managed by a main computer or minicomputer.
  • Wide Area Network (WANs) – In a WAN, data is transmitted over long distances using telephone lines and Internet.

Client/Server Technology Application programs are distributed by running on a personal computer. The data is on a server (mainframe, minicomputer or PC). Payroll, benefits and human resource applications are installed on PCs in the payroll and human resources departments.

Client/server applications may be comprised of a combination of these components: hardware, graphical user interface, file management system, network operating system, and communications protocol.

Data Processing Payroll and human resources data can be processed using two different methods, real-time processing and batch processing. Real-time processing allows the user to have immediate access to the data as updates are made. During batch processing, data is collected, coded in groups for processing, and returned when updates are complete. The user usually does not have access to the data while updates are made.

How to Process Small Business Payroll – Tips

Processing small business payroll is done in various ways. Some businesses choose to hire affordable payroll services for small to medium businesses. Other use small and medium business payroll software for the job. Payroll for small and medium businesses is an inevitable task that must be handled on a regular basis. Handling payroll accurately is important to avoid tax issues and keep employees content.

Companies and Individuals Providing Small Business Payroll Services

Most small businesses hire a small and medium business payroll service. Some handle the job in-person and others provide small business online payroll services. It is a cost-effective way to take care of payroll. Hiring a bookkeeper means paying a regular salary and possibly covering the cost of benefits. Using a payroll service is affordable and gives companies access to seasoned professionals.

Payroll for small and medium business managers and employees needs to be properly processed to avoid tax problems. People depend on their paychecks and are not pleased if problems arise. Businesses also rely on payroll services to get the job done correctly.

Small Business Payroll Software

Another way to handle small business payroll is to use specialized software. An employee at the company would be assigned to process payroll. This adds to the tasks covered by current employees and also limits confidentiality.

Using an outside service keeps salary details private and detached from other company employees. Management is often too busy to handle the task of processing payroll on a regular basis. While the software is designed to do the job well, it still takes time and effort.

There are various software packages available in the market that can do the job, companies can train the existing employees on this software packages or can hire part-time consultants to process the companies payroll and accounting.

Other than software packages there are various online services available on the cloud that can also be used as compare to software packages this online services will have low overhead cost because when you use software packages you will have to purchase hardware and there will be ongoing maintenance cost for this, online services pay and use services will be cheaper compare to software packages.

Payroll processing is an inevitable part of running any size company. The earnings of each worker must be documented and processed to comply with labor and tax regulations. A small business payroll service or dedicated software ensure the job is done in a timely, accurate manner.